The Road… So what”s been happening?


To be honest I have been head down and trying to push on with the task in hand… (Its been a bit of a slog but spring is here look UP )

So completed or well on with –

Research proposal signed off (relief and pressure all at the same time) GOT TO DO SOMETHING!

The blue in me came through (Sorry IC2 joke..) so I constructed a online questionnaire 

Got into ethics! (NOT) so as my participants are under 18 in the main I had to complete – Research ethics form / Consent form / Participant Info Sheet And distribute this to students, parents and gain clearance from the headteacher of the respective school of the students to conduct my research.

I then distributed and gathered data from around 25 participants regarding the questionnaire and I used Google Forms for this and it was a great resource to manage this part of my research methodology.

The next part was difficult as i was conducting a deeper analysis of the findings from the first part to hopefully follow up with some semi structured interviews, which have been constructed from the themes and interesting points for reflection from the questionnaire… (Hopefully)

I next constructed a crib sheet of questions to offer a framework for my interviews and I completed this on two occassions with two different groups I teach the same module with... (This was a push for timing and actually to get the students to engage as they was also deep into the assessment tasks i had also set deadlines for (DOH…)

For the semi structured interviews I used a flip hd camera as it has a really good, omni mic and i was able to freely explore the issues without worrying or presenting bias into RESPONSES by note taking…

I then dropped this into a piece of video editing software called Camtasia which was probably the most hellish part up to now of the work TRANSCRIPTION… (If you have not done this yet set aside some time and a bag of patience…) The research suggest a 5:1 ratio for transcription I had one hours worth of interview audio (Unfortunatley the research this time was totally triangulated) 

Now I find my field research sort of complete and I am currently at the analysis and consideration STAGE… (O no)

What Next –

I now have a document that is titled Dissertation Draft (i know fancy that) and I am on with putting the literature review onto paper along with considering the findings from my research both are ongoing as ever…

The document is live and i am now trying (repeat trying…) to complete at least an element or something on this draft doc at least once a week…?


By Easter (4th April) I will have completed a draft document that contains a minimum of at least my literature review and research findings anything else will be a bonus to forward on to my critical friend Guy M.


Finishing Line in Sight!

After a slog and changes in my job and the academic year ending I have reached a point where I have reached a the some kind of end…?

I have used NVivo software and complete a whole chunk of writing what a journey that i have glad i have done but will respect the process and amount of work this has demanded but also pulled me into.

Until next Time (Summer 15 one for the memory banks)


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