SWOT Analysis

This tool I used to consider the internal factors in the development and helped me kick start and consider the next steps in discovering more around the institutional barriers and opportunities. This lead me to further discussion with stakeholders and consideration regarding prioritise in possible ways forward.



PEST Analysis

I used this tool to lead on from my internal factors and look at the macro environment and some of the external issues surrounding the development. This was powerful in making me step back and look at the bigger picture and realise some of the points out of my control or not on my direct radar for possible consideration. Please see below –



Force Field Analysis

This was a tool introduced in the formative sessions and I found this a very useful point for reflection. I created on the spot this draft attempt and didn’t think too hard about it at the time.


However in describing this back in the collaborate session I felt this did focus me regarding emerging issues.

I subsequently then started to receive feedback regarding an online questionaire which I circulated to key stakeholders involved in the potential development.

I thought it would be wise to complete this again taking on board qualitative comments from the stakeholder questionnaire to see the emerging themes and how they map to my original analysis. Please see below-


The outcomes from this I feel supports my original feeling that the feasibility is worth further investment as the mapping suggests a stronger balance for the development. I feel however at this point the inhibiting factors such as subject group priorities, viability and workload still need further investigation as the project develops.


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