CONSULTANCY… This was something after the first session that I wanted to read further and stumbled on this paper which considered the role from a person completing the role? I felt this was a starting point in which I have to read / read and read some more on –

Consultant’s Role: A Qualitative Inquiry from the Consultant’s Perspective (Journal of Management Development 2006 25 (5) p 416-500)

Key Points –

  • Sometimes unclear needs to be reflective and often develops in the context of the problem. A definition ‘An advisory service provided for organisations who assist in an objective identify and manage problems, analyse, recommend solutions’
  • Links to early findings around the notion of Praxis uncovered on TEL 2  module ‘Task of fusion of theory and action in the continuing expansion of working on serious problems’ Berry and Oakley (1993 :12)
  • Consultants can often be a bridge structure to knowledge creation and knowledge application’ Berry and Oakley (1993 :12)
  • Other findings surface regarding agents of change in which they state ‘Faster changes create weaker situations, therefore justify external help’ the rle of the consultant is not only to transfer skill but to help them create change or catch up with it’

Some say they transfer skill others say they evolve or adapt to clients needs. Some interesting points made in this paper and I was amazed at the level of uncertainty of the role and almost struck me as good consultants must shift and adapt as the context or needs of the client can be different even in the same sector.



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