After having some considerations around next steps i returned to an earlier reflection after session 2 and looked again…

  1. The Little Book of Managing Change (in Schools) (TDA, 2008)

One size doesn’t fit all but did find six key principles –

effective leadership / inclusive culture / broad collaborations / change teams / change process with a proven rational / consideration of emotion + political issues

Needs to be a compelling reason for change with a well communicated clear vision underpinned by a coherent plan to get you there… surprise surprise!

Delegation of responsibility and stakeholder involvement highlighted in strong opposition to a top down approach. change teams could bring around value?

staff morale / less stress / involvement with rights / power

The document talks about an interesting concept of Schools being learners as well as leaders in education this reflective approach coupled to the removal open gateways could be a powerful leaver for change..?

Highlighted in the document a valuable simplification of the change process –

1 identify

2 facilitate a vision for the future

3 collaborate effectively

4 use consensus

5 embed inclusive practice

6 improve standards (achieve something)

I could relate to this model and could map the approach in consideration of my chosen project direction!

I also liked the tools mentioned to facilitate –

1 mobilise – establish a team

2 discover – identify the issues

3 deepen – gain greater understanding

4 develop – suggest solutions

5 deliver – implement

This again this gives some key milestones appropriate and definitely worth further consideration.

Lets see what happens…





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