Blackboard Learn Example

As an academic I interact with blackboard learn on a daily basis, my initial feelings are its limiting and makes academics lazy or frustrated or both eventually…?

WHY? (Hindering Factors…)

A- Its difficult (time consuming) to use  / IT DOESNT LET ME DO WHAT I WANT! (Frustrated)

B- Once you have set something up / IT EASILY ALLOWS YOU TO ROLL OVER CONTENT YEAR ON YEAR (Lazy)

C- The content,tools,limits on file size etc, interface Aesthetics are I feel compromised / REVERT TO ANSWER B

I end up navigating out of the LMS and linking to often free tools from within my PLE to replace tools from the LMS… Arrrrgh!

I often try to create simple cut back Blackboard environments that often link in with other TELEs. However I feel from a student perspective this does creates LINK + CLICK OVERLOAD.

Students can sometimes never make it to content or other linked environments..? As they have spent so much time towing the line with institutional generic front end. This I feel impacts or distracts from key learning opportunities…


OK so I am not in love with BB Learn… Or is it the constraints of the institution..? Or my approach to the environment..? Or not seeing it for what it is..?

Maybe I would be happier if BB Learn didn’t try to be something its not..! And focus on being good at what it does well..?

Enabling Factors
  • Point to key documents to support learning / module /assessment
  • Easily adapting and reusing materials over time
  • More choices for creators of curriculum, such as method of delivery, design of materials, and techniques for evaluation
  • Creating economies of scale that make it less costly for organisations
  • Contacting and linking student cohorts for simple dialogue
  • Online submissions / Feedback

Blackboard Learn is good at all the generic elements of facilitating a module of teaching I feel…

I suppose it should and does (sort of..)  link with other Learning Environments in this way –


My perception is the institution sees BB Learn almost as the VLE circle in the diagram above…? With the ability to move into the Physical / Mobile / PLE  zones under its own steam using in-built tools…?

bb modelI feel this can be possible to an extent, however when trying to really push forward or you have had previous experience elsewhere..?

Staff and students soon hit the Frustration Zone. This can be negative and negate any enhancement TEL can offer to learning and teaching scenarios, before you have really started… DOH


The model I would suggest is an adjustment with BB learn or the LMS being stripped back and placed in the centre linking out with specialist robust applications! Experiences using appropriate tools for the zones have the possibility to then  facilitate rich learning experiences.

(I suppose this is what the institution is trying to do! I just feel we are not currently at this point…)


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