Blackboard Collaborate Example

I feel the natural progression would be to move on from my conclusions regarding my Blackboard Learn case study. And the model I constructed…

bb model

I must confess while studying on TELIC this has been my first immersion in a TELE of this type from a student perspective and has been a very positive learning experience! (the student perspective can refine / enhance the teacher…) I have reflected on how vital good tools help facilitate productive TELE learning environments. (Distributed Cognition Link)

My early experiences with collaborate had limited value due to technical difficulties ( I had to use the iPad app…) for around two weeks… This Frustrated / Impacted Confidence in the hardware / Limited Cognition and placed distance I feel to the contribution I could make in the sessions with peers..?

Which in a way I feel receiving information one way impacted my personal learning..? Is cognition improved with two way interactions? Giving out or sharing helps solidfy understanding..? (Lave Link)


Recently my setup has been organized and I feel my work space and technical system is now appropriate for the environment… My cognition in the sessions has been greater! I feel now my focus was not on trying to organise my space or use limited tools… It was all working well and enhanced my experience, allowing me to concentrate on the interactions.  (Distributed Cognition Link)


Collaborate has been a needed platform, regards its link with Blackboard learn. I feel this tool is practical when selected for appropriate learning contexts to support, reinforce or blend activities between different TELE environments.

In reflection I feel my experience was so negative with blackboard learn for all the constraints I had from trying to use the LMS early on!  I really had lost faith in the platform. My first experiences with collaborate on the TELIC course I felt was moving in the same direction! (O no…) However after giving time and organising my space/tools/hardware (DC Link) I am now seeing the value of the TELE. (Is this the problem with TELEs sometimes you give up too early..?)

As mentioned in other posts – I feel Enthusiasm  / Resilience / Motivation are all needed to become skilled and effective in TELE environments.

  • Enable collaboration / Communities of Practice (LAVE LINK)
  • Accommodate scaffold between different type of learning environment
  • Allow participants and moderators the abilty to access content at synchronous / asynchronous points
  • Geographical boundries can be overcome
  • Can reduce cost in some terms infrastructure / travel etc
  • Integrate into other platforms or extend reinforce learning located in other learning environments
  • Technical issues limitations
  • Need some immersion in the tools and trouble shooting the system especially when a moderator
  • Preparation / Pedagogy and enabling the session to flow (This needs time/experience I feel? Sometimes u don’t have this luxury…)
  • Non verbal cues can be powerful and sometimes lost in bigger collaborate sessions
  • limitations of hardware network speed / data transfer / group size limitations
  • Technology focus can get in the way of learning no progression inappropriate

best practice principles

The model Staffordshire University offers for facilitating good learning experiences is a useful starting point for using tools like collaborate. I have now set up my own moderator session and I am looking forward to exploring how much this tool can extend or enhance my learning network.



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