Session 2 Reflections


Formal / Informal Learning / Learning Connections / Co-construction / Synchronous / Asynchronous

The session made me consider the power that video games have on humans… They offer an escapism and immersion in an environment in which humans have control and the ability to interact with many others. Customisation was evident alongside identity and connections in playing video games.

I liked the breakdown of the secret formula games designers work on which we considered in the session –

  • Well ordered problems
  • Ascending levels of complexity or incremented challenge
  • Pleasantly frustrating
  • Expertise Integration
  • mastery learning / extended learning
  • Progression at own pace
  • Just in time on demand
  • Incorporation of Fish Tanks – stripped down learning tutorials
  • Incorporation of Sand Boxes – OK to fail in these areas reflection points
  • Skills as strategies

This to me is a great specification for deep learning and must be considered in a 21st Century pedagogy! We no longer  just have MAKERS + CONSUMERS we now have CONSUMERS who RECONSTRUCT knowledge and share this with extensive networks.

GEE captured a great point on the skill of game designers –

Game designers like theoreticians exercise deep learning without knowing it and without two much attention! Under the right conditions learning is like sex bio motivating and pleasure for humans

Presentation Link – Learning by Design: good video games as learning machines James Paul Gee (Reflections By Kieran, Wendy and Meri)


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