Session 4 Reflections

Dave Had A Moment…

(All because of Johnson! I mean Latour…)


This image really captured the session for me! I actually enjoyed the conflict or split on the value of the paper? It made me look again at my feelings on the paper and almost reinforce my understanding/cognition…

The interaction was almost enhanced by the conflict! I felt it made people worker harder to explain perspectives?  I really enjoyed this paper and the challenge of the puzzle.

KEY WORDS – Situated Learning / Gaming / Actor Network Theory / PLE


Translation / delegation I do not have to do this work nor even think about it…

It is the same with delegates as with drugs; you start with soft ones and end by shooting up…

If in our societies, there are thousands of such lieutenants to which we have delegated competences, it means that what defines our social relations is for the most part, prescribed back to us by non humans. Knowledge, morality, craft, force, sociability are not properties of humans but of humans accompanied by their retinue of delegated characters…


The interaction in this image of human and non human agents working together in appropriate ways  to achieve a common goal… A.N.T  (My words!)

Link to my PREZI regarding the Latour paper –


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