Session 5 Reflections


Reflections on the session was my link with space! How much I rely on this or how important it is to me in my practice..? My connections with the paper always worked back to teaching pedagogy. I had not really considered how much I adapt and spend time unconsciously working with this to scaffold my cognition and that of others.

The social aspect of the team in how we approached the task I feel worked on the basis of a coordinated responsibility. Having a group of 4 people with different constraints… This had to be flexible with I suppose people stepping forward but retreating when appropriate? This I feel is a fine and often difficult balance! Understanding  that everyone doesn’t function or operate in the same way but can still arrive at a destination is key.


Key Points on Distributed Cognition

Cognition – A way of processing information / applying knowledge/changing preference

The aid of tools to enhance understanding / facilitate cognition..? (Magnifying optics in the text)

(How individuals and groups adapt) Wisdom of crowds / communities of practice / Lave / Connectivist

(We constantly adapt to our environments at different spatiotemporal scales…) The environment is key in supporting cognition the adaption shapes us over time?

(DC encourages us to look at functional organizations that soften the traditional boundaries between what is inside and what is outside) connectivists approach?

(Whether we are aware or not we are constantly organizing and reorganizing our workplace to enhance performance…) Reflection / Reflective Practitioner

Ethnographic –

Exchange produces value in everyday life

Social Classification analyse cultural meanings that shape and are shaped by exchanges

(Space is a resource that must be managed, much like time, memory, and energy. Accordingly we predicted that when space is used well it reduces the time and memory demands of our tasks…) So good management / interactions of external agents facilitate better cognition?

(Spatial arrangements that simplify choice, spatial arrangements that simplify perception and spatial dynamics that simplify internal computation…) Obvious relation to Guys utube video and his punk set up for cast / also links to early experiences using the iPad app for collaborate sessions this was not a good space to be in for me at first.

Relation to teaching practice and pedagogy demos (We saw them lay down items for assembly in a way that was unambiguously encoding the order in which they were to be placed…)

(We constantly create external scaffolding to simplify our cognitive tasks…)


(Understanding interactions among people and technology…)

(Distributed cognition does not posit a gulf between cognitive processes and an external world, so it does not attempt to show how such a gulf can be bridged…) in opposition to traditional cognitive theorists that all cognition is an internal process with little relation to external factors.

Distributed Cognition Prezi

This includes a range of approaches to understand the paper and develop the social aspect using

(All links embedded at the end of the Prezi)

  • Google docs collaborative
  • A recorded collaborate session I set up
  • Prezi…


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